Executive Team

Jordan Barden

My name is Jordan Barden and I am a residential sales consultant at Define Property agents in Mooloolaba. I play a big role in helping educate the SCYCC through organising guest speakers every second month of the year to tell their story on where they started and how they have built a successful brand and/or business. This helps the group learn on how to build and run their business as these speakers have all started in a start-up or growth phase meaning those in the group can relate to their stories.

A note from Jordan:
"I founded the Young Professionals Sunshine Coast because I felt that was a real lack of opportunity for young like-minded individuals to catch up and chat about their business plus any challenges they may be facing. Once the Young Professionals started William Thompson jumped on board and helped me take the group to the next level, the group hit a bit of a ceiling so Will and I decided to team up with the amazing Bronte Cresswell & Katie Wass and have launched the SCYCC! Being an executive member of the SCYCC is an amazing opportunity to help like-minded young professionals in their industries achieve their goals and help each other with any challenges along the way! I can’t wait to represent the SCYCC and look forward to being able to showcase what being a young professional business person on the Sunshine Coast is all about!"

Bronte Cresswell

As the owner of Dash of Milk Agency, our team manages the SCYCC social media channels including updates on events, members and memberships. Understanding that a modern, young network will connect and communicate both online and offline, we have ensured to encourage and support this through a strong Facebook group and social presence across multiple channels. This also allows us to keep members and potential members updated on all chamber activities!

A note from Bronte:
"Being part of the executive team behind SCYCC is a role I am excited for and passionate about. I have always valued being surrounded by like-minded people, outside of just career goals and aspirations, but with generational perspective and interests. Being able to play a strong role in bringing this chamber together for the Sunshine Coast to encourage young professionals in their industries, and to connect them to established business professionals in the community through chamber support and workshops I very much look forward to seeing the impact we can have as a community representing the younger generation of professionals."

William Thompson

As a long-time local of the Sunshine Coast, I have been an active member in the Sunshine Coast community through many sporting teams, volunteering organisations and the Maroochy Chamber of Commerce. With work taking me to Brisbane in early 2015, then over to the UK in 2017, I have returned to the Sunshine Coast with a breath of fresh air and love assisting the region grow through small businesses. I take tremendous care – and great pride – in providing professional insurance and risk management advice to hundreds of small businesses across the region and further throughout Australia.

A note from Will:
"I see the SCYCC as an opportunity to connect young, aspiring business professionals with like-minded people to develop and enhance each others skills and acumen. Connecting with Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce provides the SCYCC with limitless mentoring experience and exposure."

Katie Wass

Having been part of the SCYCC since the beginning, I have seen the remarkable benefits this group brings to its members and the exciting leaps forward it has made in such a short number of years. This is why I took the opportunity to show my support for the group by providing my graphic design services to build a strong SCYCC brand, a functional and informative website, event artwork and more. Being able to support the chamber in such a way allows me to give back to the SCYCC by helping to grow the group and continue to help make an impact on the Sunshine Coast.

A note from Katie:
"I am honoured to be a part of the executive team for such a forward-thinking and innovative chamber like SCYCC. My position in the executive team is to help the chamber build a strong brand presence on the Sunshine Coast and assist in reaching as many young professionals as we can.

As the Sunshine Coast has a growing culture of young, driven professionals who want to make an impact, reach new heights and succeed in the business and professional world, I am excited to help the SCYCC nurture this growing culture through our networking events, workshops and social platforms."

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Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce actively supports business leaders of the future through the Sunshine Coast Young Chamber of Commerce.