Executive Team

SCYCC Bronte Founder

Bronte Cresswell

SCYCC Founder

I am the owner of social media training company Dash Academy, and direct the SCYCC social media channels including updates on events, members and memberships. I have been working for myself since 2018, and over that time have won Sunshine Coast Young Business Woman of the Year for 2022, partnered with the Sunshine Coast Council to upskill local business and regularly feature as a guest lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast. I am also one of the original founders of the Young Chamber, and am proud to represent the young and driven of the Sunshine Coast with this innovative chamber.


Josie Tully

Yaama (hello), I'm Josie Tully - a proud Gomeroi Woman. I am an accountant with HeliMods. Having experienced first-hand the incredible opportunities that the SCYCC provides young professionals on the coast, I knew I needed to give back where I could. Through my knowledge of finances and my advisory background, I am able to assist the chamber in specific administration and finance tasks, and assist with decision making and planning. The young chamber aligns with my core values to always empower, educate and assist those I meet. The opportunities and connections that I have seen grow through the chamber in such a short time shows the incredible impact that is coming to the coast, and that I am so excited to be a part of!

Jacob Headshot

Jacob Corbett

My name is Jacob Corbett, and I am a Director & Lawyer of Bradley + Bray Lawyers. As an active young Lawyer on the Sunshine Coast, I have a keen interest in all things personal branding, self-development and education. The Sunshine Coast is my home, and I see real opportunity for young professionals to thrive in our incredible region if there are enough opportunities to do so. I was incredibly excited to become part of this fantastic Executive Team and utilise my passion for education, connection with the local professional community and flair for governance and policy to develop and grow the SCYCC going forward.

Miranda Profile Image

Miranda McLennan

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to have had a number of exceptional mentors who shared their profound experiences and lessons learnt with me. These lessons have carried into how I conduct myself as a leader within my own team to this day.

For me, becoming an ambassador means I’m able to open the door for other young professionals who perhaps haven’t had the opportunity to lean on or learn from a mentor. I attribute much of my success to my ability to network, and so encourage others to prioritise connection in both their professional and personal lives. I’m always eager to help and provide guidance to others, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if inclined whether for business or personal development.

David Goldsworthy

David Goldsworthy

Hi, my name is David Goldsworthy, I'm part of the young, dynamic Commercial Sales & Leasing Team at Ray White Commercial Northern Corridor Group.

I've been on the Sunshine Coast now for just under 4 years and am grateful for the opportunities and lifestyle the Sunshine Coast offers. I've received recognition for being a key networker within my industry and have been informally assisting in new attendance to the Chamber events to grow the community.

I strongly believe that we have an exciting, thriving and dedicated community of young professionals within our Sunshine Coast community and would love the opportunity to further contribute to the work the SCYCC is already doing as an ambassador to advocate and foster growth for the new leaders of our next generation.

Jake Profile Image

Jake Haebich

As an enthusiastic executive member for the Sunshine Coast Young Chamber of Commerce, I'm excited about connecting with remarkable individuals within this network. Together, we can make significant strides in creating a positive impact.

My mission is to elevate financial performance for both individuals and businesses while strategically minimising tax implications.

I am a Chartered Accountant and hold a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Financial Planning from UniSC. I'm currently contributing my expertise at Yield Advisory, a firm that resonates with my drive and passion.

Looking forward to further engaging with the fantastic people associated with this community!


Katie Wass Rise and Roar Design

Katie Stewart

SCYCC Founder

I am thrilled to continue my journey with the SCYCC, transitioning from my Founder & Executive role to the role of Ambassador after taking a step back to welcome my daughter into the world. It's an exciting new chapter for me, and I am eager to contribute to the chamber's growth and success in a new capacity.

Drawing on my years of experience working for myself at Rise & Roar Design, I understand the significance of surrounding myself with like-minded professionals who provide understanding, support, and encouragement in the day-to-day aspects of business. Together, we aspire to create a nurturing and enjoyable environment, hosting welcoming and engaging events that members genuinely look forward to attending.

I am truly grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to collaborating with the SCYCC and its members to achieve even greater heights together.

Rachel Profile Image

Rachel Last

My name is Rachel Last, and I am an Associate Lawyer at Travis Schultz & Partners, specialising in Personal Injury Law. I am also a passionate advocate for mental health and wellbeing awareness, always striving to reduce the stigma around mental illness. I didn’t grow up on the Sunshine Coast, but I have come to call it, and this community that I find myself part of, home.

I wanted to be an Ambassador for the SCYCC because I truly believe in what they have created: a space for young Sunshine Coast professionals to connect and support each other in a fun and educational way and make an impact in our professional community. I wanted to get involved behind the scenes to help grow the SCYCC in the years to come.


Ryan Moes

I’m Ryan Moes, the creative director of a local media company called Moes Media on the Sunshine Coast where I have been lucky enough to be born and bred. When I’m not behind the camera you can find me keeping active, surfing and exploring what the coast has to offer.

When I saw the opportunity to become an ambassador for the SCYCC, I jumped at the chance to be able to shoot content and network with likeminded people. I think it is a fantastic organisation to help young people across the Sunshine Coast grow, achieve goals and network.

Tara McKean

Tara McKean

Hello! I am an Event Manager and founder of Self Events Co, a Sunshine Coast small business creating events that empower young women to be bold and go after their dreams. I have an extensive background in corporate event management and managing events across Australia and globally, but am happy to call the Sunshine Coast home again! After moving home from overseas in 2020, I am so glad I came along to my first SCYCC event (whilst out of my comfort zone at the time) because the connections and friends that I have made since then have been invaluable.

I am passionate about creating memorable moments through events and am excited to bring my experience to the team and be part of the next generation of leaders here on the Sunshine Coast. I hope to inspire other young professionals who may be nervous at the thought of coming along to a networking event and assure them that the Sunshine Coast Young Chamber's community really is something special to be part of.

SCYCC Chris Ambassador

Chris Walker

I’m Chris Walker, Founder of TravelFit Global, a Health and Wellbeing company cultivated to inspire and educate personal and professional growth through mind, body and soul practices which are run through our podcast, events, workshops and retreats. I’m super grateful to have interviewed some serial entrepreneurs, inspired a few humans along the way and had the opportunity to enjoy the process of it all. Oh and we made our own coffee along the way!

Having moved here in late 2017 I knew this would be my new home with how wonderful the people are and how beautiful this place is! When I had the opportunity to become an ambassador for the SCYCC, I knew it would be a great opportunity to be a part of something special that has such a positive impact on the young business community. I was stoked to apply to get involved to help behind the scenes and create more awareness around this amazing community!

Jordan Barden

Jordan Barden

SCYCC Founder

My name is Jordan Barden and I am a residential sales consultant at Define Property Agents in Mooloolaba. I play a big role in helping educate the SCYCC through organising guest speakers every second month of the year to tell their story on where they started and how they have built a successful brand and/or business. This helps the group learn on how to build and run their business as these speakers have all started in a start-up or growth phase meaning those in the group can relate to their stories.

SCYCC Ashleigh Ambassador

Ashleigh Rimmington

As the Operations and Marketing Manager for the Mary Valley Rattler in Gympie, I know firsthand the importance of creating business relationships and networking connections. This is even more important in small business and regional areas where networking can be difficult.

As an ambassador, I can provide pathways for like-minded business professionals and introduce them to what the SCYCC can offer. Introducing new members and sharing the resources at our fingertips is just one of the ways we help others throughout their professional journey. I look forward to working with current and future members to help build each other up and can’t wait to watch them grow as young professionals.

SCYCC Leanne Ambassador

Leanne Webber

Hey I’m Leanne, I’m a multi-passionate business owner and I’m really proud to be an ambassador for SCYCC! I co-founded Webbernet, a software company, with my husband Jake in 2016, which now has a global remote team of 12 people who are working with our incredible, long-term clients.

A few years into running Webbernet, I was feeling lonely so I created a community for small business owners, The Founders Team, where I hosted events, mastermind programs and a membership. I grew this business over 4 years but eventually closed in 2022 as I was finding it hard to manage alone, while also struggling with debilitating chronic illnesses.

We moved to the coast in 2022 and my passion for supporting business owners has never wavered. I now offer business coaching and experiences for business owners, to facilitate creativity, innovation and fun. And just to add to the mix I’m studying for a coaching accreditation and a Diploma of Counselling (told you I’m multi-passionate!).

Through my journey I’ve experienced first hand the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people to help you grow, feel supported and who are there to cheer you on through the highs and lows.

SCYCC Jess Ambassador

Jess Bos

Hello, I'm Jess! After owning a business locally on the Sunshine Coast for the past 5 years I know first hand how imperative mentorship, collaboration and a supportive community is to young professionals and entrepreneurs so I am thrilled to be an ambassador for SCYCC as the community they have built is truly inspiring and I am honoured to be a part of it.

I have recently created my new venture, The Small business BFF with a vision to help other entrepreneurs grow, succeed and thrive- to take the loneliness out of entrepreneurship! With the knowledge i’ve gained after 5 years of owning an ecommerce and brick and mortar boutique, my focus is to help product based entrepreneurs grow, succeed and scale their products into retail stores.

With qualifications in both event management and marketing and being a people person who loves to build relationships and inspire those around me I am passionate about networking and events that create change, inspire and empower others and I can’t wait to work behind the scenes with the young chamber crew to keep bringing amazing events and contribute my experience to this inspiring community.

Matt Barmentloo Ambassador

Matt Barmentloo

Hi, I am the owner of Cultured Group. We currently specialise in helping business owners manage and grow their businesses through VCFO, bookkeeping, education and training across their business finances, with exciting plans for growth. Watching the value we have brought to different businesses and how it has helped them in different ways has been incredibly rewarding.

I was lucky enough to grow up on the coast, and then after getting married and finishing an accounting/finance degree in Brisbane I moved overseas and ran multiple businesses and had shareholdings in different ventures. Until coming back to the coast at the end of 2020 when I started Cultured Group and welcomed my daughter into the world.

I believe being an ambassador aligns well with my values of being able to help, support and provide value to other professionals, companies, charities and the local community in which myself and my business calls home. I also love meeting new people so feel free to reach out whether that be at an event or not!

Lifetime Crew Members

William Thompson

Will Thompson

SCYCC Founder

Tess Schwieso Ambassador

Tess Schwieso