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The Young Professionals of Sunshine Coast

Founded in 2020, the Sunshine Coast Young Chamber of Commerce (SCYCC) is a network platform created to support young, driven professionals pushing to make an impact in the business and professional world on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

With a strong culture developing on the Sunshine Coast of young individuals pushing to the boundaries and changing the way things are done in business, the SCYCC network offers an essential platform to embrace this movement.

The younger generation of professionals are not only complimenting the current local business environment, but taking their own unique approach and having real influence in their industries. Our purpose and goal is to nurture this drive and allow for an environment where members can have fun, connect, grow and make an impact with access to a trusted group of fellow professionals for support, collaboration and referrals. Having a platform to support each other is crucial in driving this culture forward and we are stoked to play a role in this!

With a partnership and brand alignment between SCYCC and the Maroochy Chamber of Commerce, we create a partnership that allows us to ‘bridge the gap’ between generations and create a platform to connect professionals of all ages, experiences and knowledge. With this partnership, we create awareness and credibility through Maroochy Chamber’s recognised brand and also provide great value to our members through a support network of established business owners who are ready and willing to bestow their years of knowledge and expertise to willing and keen young professionals.

Why Join the SCYCC?

Young Chamber Panel Event


Professional & Personal
We believe growth, both professionally and personally, goes hand in hand when it comes to becoming who you want to be and reaching your goals in both business and life.

This is why the SCYCC provides the opportunity for growth through a variety of thought-provoking events, regular networking opportunities and stimulating conversations on our social media platforms.



Community & Network
Creating strong connections through community and networking with like-minded people creates a great referral network and more importantly, lifetime friends who can support you in ways that others may not be able to.

Through engaging in genuine connections and creating an environment that relationships can be built, we are expanding the reach and impact of members in the local business community.

Young Chamber Panel Event


Influence & Positive Change
The SCYCC aims to guide and support the next generation of industry leaders who want to make BIG impact and positive change, whether that be in a business or a professional role.

We highly value the impact that can be made when a group of like-minded people come together as one. The positive effects it can have locally and globally are endless!

SCYCC Fun Value


The Key Ingredient to Success!
The final and most important value of ours – FUN. We want to create a chamber that not only supports growth, connections and impact but also knows how to have a little bit of fun because FUN fosters deep relationships, a healthy mind and can create some fantastic stories for later on!

We know it can be difficult to find balance in life, so by adding a sprinkle of fun, we can make business a little more enjoyable!

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What our members have to say

Klein Legal Madeline Klein

"The Young Chamber of Commerce Sunshine Coast and the connections I have made through the chamber has brought a lot of value to my business and network. It’s members are inspirational young professionals and business people who are supportive of one another and each other’s businesses. I would not hesitate using its members services in my business or recommending their services to others."

Madeline Louise

Kimberley Wren

"I joined the Young Professionals Sunshine Coast over a year ago hoping to expand my business network and I can honestly say it was the best thing I have done since moving here. To be able to connect and collaborate with like minded professionals who inspire one another is so fantastic. I have benefited enormously, both personally and professionally by being part of this wonderful group."

Kimberley Wren

Rainer Scheu

"I came to the SCYCC when I first decided to leave my day job and start my own business. I went from working out of a cafe on a laptop to being well established in my industry and these legends have supported me from the start."

Rainer Scheu


"I have been attending the Young Professional networking events for the past 18 months and have come to know a great bunch of young entrepreneurial people and made some friends along the way. The group is a great forum to learn about other members' businesses and listen to guest speakers' triumphs and challenges during their journeys.I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Young Chamber to grow personally and professionally with like-minded individuals."

Dale Trickett

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