Ambassador Agreement

Sunshine Coast Young Chamber of Commerce (‘SCYCC’) is an association actively supporting the Young Professionals of the Sunshine Coast.

Any reference to SCYCC in respect of any rights of SCYCC or obligation owed to SCYCC are construed as owing to any association, entity or person that has control of SCYCC at any time.

This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your relationship with SCYCC.

By applying to become an Ambassador for SCYCC, you agree to the following terms:

1. Endorsed Products:
Endorsed products are defined as events, workshops, materials or any other products defined by the Executive Team from time to time.

2. Ambassador Requirements:
All Ambassadors are required to:

    1. Follow us on all social media platforms:
      • Like our Facebook page: @youngchambersc
      • Follow our Instagram: @youngchambersc
      • Follow our Linkedin: @youngchambersc
    2. Become a Member of the SCYCC and maintain the Membership throughout the Ambassador Period.
    3. Promote SCYCC events by regularly sharing, liking and commenting on SCYCC online posts.
    4. Attending SCYCC events where reasonably possible.
    5. Actively promote and encourage membership sales.
    6. Engage the community as an Ambassador for SCYCC in a positive, friendly manner and progress the advancement of the SCYCC in a way that is reflective of the overall strategy of the SCYCC.

Ambassadors who fail to comply with the Ambassador Requirements may be subject to having their Ambassador status revoked by the Executive Committee at any time.

3. Contract Territory:
This Agreement is made in Queensland and shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Queensland, applicable to contracts made and to be performed entirely therein.

4. Confidentiality and Exclusivity
During the course of your performance of services for SCYCC, you may receive, have access to and create documents, records and information of a confidential and proprietary nature to SCYCC. You acknowledge and agree that such information is an asset of SCYCC, is of a confidential nature and must be kept strictly confidential and used only in the performance of your duties under this Agreement. You agree that you will not use, disclose, communicate, copy or permit the use or disclosure of any such information to any third party in any manner whatsoever except to the Executive Committee or as otherwise directed by SCYCC in the course of your performance of services under this Agreement, and thereafter only with the written permission of SCYCC. Upon termination of this Agreement or upon the request of SCYCC, you will return to SCYCC all of the confidential information, and all copies or reproductions thereof, which are in your possession or control. You agree that during the tenure of this Agreement, and for a three-month term afterward, You will not undertake any Ambassador Services for a competitor or similar association as SCYCC without the express consent of the Executive Committee.

6. Promotion of Endorsed Products:
You agree to use your best efforts to promote the Endorsed Products in a manner consistent with its authorized use and as outlined by SCYCC from time to time. Approved social media sites include but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. If you are unsure of your preferred platform is approved, please contact us. You are required to notify SCYCC of the media outlets you wish to use and add SCYCC as a friend/follower. You will be notified of any disapproved social media sites as they are disapproved.

7. Prohibited Content:
You agree that you will not post content on any social media platform, as determined by SCYCC in its sole discretion, that:

    • is pornographic, sexually explicit or suggestive, or contains profanity or nudity;
    • is unnecessarily violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group;
    • promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing);
    • promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous;
    • is obscene or offensive, or endorses any form of hate or hate group;
    • defames, misrepresents or contains disparaging remarks about other people or entities;
    • communicates messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or good will with which SCYCC wishes to associate;
    • violates any law;
    • or generally brings the SCYCC or its members into disrepute.

8. Indemnification:
You agree to hold SCYCC, its officers, agents, assignees and employees harmless for any liability from any injury or damage arising from the use or promotion of any Endorsed Product.

9. Relationship & Remuneration:
This agreement shall not be construed as creating an employer/employee relationship. You confirm and agree at all times that any work performed for SCYCC is volunteer based only, and no remuneration of any kind whatsoever is payable to you under the terms of this Agreement.

10. Intellectual Property:
You acknowledge and hereby agree to grant SCYCC, the unlimited and unencumbered use of all work product developed by you in conjunction with the performance of services for SCYCC. Work product includes but is not limited to all social media posts, pictures, images, videos, recordings, taglines, hashtags, posts, commentary, and designs.

Except where prohibited by law or regulation, You grant SCYCC and its successors, assigns, licensees and designees permission to use your name, Social Media Platform account name, photograph (including, but not limited to, Social Media Platform account profile photo), voice and/or other likeness, in all media now known or hereafter discovered (including, without limitation, on SCYCC websites and via SCYCC’s Social Media Platform accounts), worldwide in perpetuity, for any purpose without additional compensation, consideration, notification or consent.

You are not authorized to use any copyrighted content from any other companies to promote the SCYCC. SCYCC will not be responsible for any disputes involving the unauthorized use of any other company’s intellectual property, and you indemnify SCYCC fully in respect of any other company’s intellectual property usage or disputes arising thereof.

11. Term and Termination:
The effective date of this agreement is taken as the day you accept the terms and submit your request to join the ambassador program.

This Agreement is a periodic agreement, which may be terminated at any time by either party by the giving of notice from the terminating party to the non-terminating party. If this Agreement is terminated by either party, you are required to return any confidential information or Intellectual Property (including but not limited to any access codes, passwords, social media user rights, produced Intellectual Property or materials) of SCYCC within 2 Business Days of the termination date, and you warrant and guarantee to SCYCC that you will attend to the destruction of any duplicate Intellectual Property of SCYCC within 14 days of the termination date.

You release SCYCC and its members, agents, servants, officers and employees absolutely from any claim or liability from the termination date.

12. Rights in relation to Social Media:
We reserve the right to require you to remove any post from the your personal or business pages that are connected with the SCYCC or it’s events or Endorsed Products that we determine (in our sole discretion) to be inconsistent with the intention of the SCYCC or this Agreement.

13. Modification:
This Agreement may only be amended by written variation upon consent of both parties.

14. Entire Agreement:
This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether written or oral, between the parties.

15. Advice
You confirm and understand that you have been given the opportunity to seek legal advice in respect of this Agreement.

You confirm that you have read and understood the terms of this Agreement in their entirety.